About Vengron

Vengron is a traditional pizzeria in Bremen. In the intimate atmosphere of this space, you will find comfort that only an Italian restaurant can provide. Sit back and enjoy Italian décor such as patterned pillows, engraved walls, tiled floors. The warmth and smell emanating from our wood-burning stove will give you unforgettable emotions. Choose your preferred setting: behind the counter, next to the food preparation area; on sofas or on our cozy terrace. In all of them you will find the ideal conditions to enjoy real food.


Daniel Hamm - Chef

He studied in Europe from the age of 14, enrolling in a culinary school. After that he worked in many of the best restaurants in Europe.

Thomas Keller

One of the creators of the cartoon "Ratatouille". Keller presents his magnificent dishes to the general public in five editions that have sold around the world.

Wolfgang Puck

The cook with Austrian roots became known for his unconventional approach to cooking recipes.

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal became famous for his passion for Italian cuisine.


In an exquisite place with love

Sielwall 5, 28203 Bremen, Germany